CRM 2015 Reporting Extension Setup Error The SQL Server Reporting Services account is a local user and is not supported

Error Message installing CRM 2015 Reporting Extensions

When installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extension Setup you receive an error message: The SQL Server Reporting Services account is a local user and is not supported. This is during the System Checks.

SQL 2014 CRM 2015 Reporting Extension Setup Error.png

In our instance this was with MS CRM 2015 on SQL 2014 on the same server in a test environment.

The Solution

The fix is easy.

1. Open the SQL 2014 Reporting service configuration Manager

Screenshot 2015 03 28 17 56 17

2. Connect to your Server.

Screenshot 2015 03 28 17 57 04

3. Select the Service Account

Screenshot 2015 03 28 17 57 37

4. Select the Local System account and apply with the appropriate security levels.

Screenshot 2015 03 28 17 58 25

That’s about it. Run the setup process again and you should be good to go.

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Nop, sorry doesn´t wok for me. I´m still has the error.


Reboot? Other than that, I got nothing!

Worked for me, thanks. I made sure I closed down the reporting setup window and started it back up again. Also, because I installed on the same server as CRM, SQL and Reporting Services, it came up with another warning about service accounts, but let me continue.


Glad it helped. Thanks for the info.

Useful. I’m getting a further error about the backup encryption key.


That backup encryption key is unrelated. It is a standard CRM message relating to encryption. Assuming we are talking about the same one.

The backup encryption key is also very simple. Just create a encryption key file. When you setup sql server along with ssrs. It is required that you go and configure your report server. Part of that configuration is the encryption key setup which is just a backup file with extension .SNK.

it is one of the menus on the left hand menu in the report configuration manager

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