IE FTP Your current security settings do not allow you to download files from this location.



while accessing Windows 2003 server today I experienced a problem with the system reported to me: Your current security settings do not allow you to download files from this location.

And gave me the following error window and security alert:


Knowing that Internet Explorer is too stupid to know that even though I have the username and password to connect to an FTP site , I don’t have the necessary security permissions to download files from the FTP site. as dumb as this may seem it is the default security settings are Internet Explorer early versions.

The solution

In this case the solution is actually quite easy.

1. Open IE

2. Open Tools > Internet Options > Security

3. Click on Trusted Sites then the sites button below

4. Enter the URL of the site you’re downloading from and click add


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This worked for me also, thank you.

This worked for me too.

Note, you will have to close the windows that weren’t working, i.e. where your computer files are shown and re-open them for the change to take place else the old settings are still in play with any windows you opened prior to the change.



Unfortunately, I have the same problem.


on a Windows 2012 server i was not able to get this to work through normal windows explorer FTP window even after these promising steps/settings changes. However i DID have success then by opening IE 10 on that server and putting the FTP location into the URL bar for the browser.

At that point I could login to the ftp site and then browse and download the file in IE


Sorry, can’t help at this stage. I HATE Windows 2012 server.

Thanks! This was a godsend

Worked great. Thank you. I had already adjusted the security setting, and this finally worked.


Glad it helped.

Thank you !!!

Thank you so much 🙂

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