How to turn off NDR’s in Exchange 2003

Understanding non-delivery reports

NDR or Non Delivery Reports are potentially a great way of telling a user that they made a typo with an email address and that the email could not be delivered. In a 1999 world, this would be fine.

However we are in a world now where email servers are flooded with spam, and lots of it, replying to every junk email that is hitting all the imaginary email addresses on your server (support@, admin@ help@ etc) is not a good idea, and it causes what is known as backscatter. To avoid this back scatter of invalid email delivery from your server it is recommended that you turn off your Non Delivery Reports NDR.

To do this in Exchange 2003 you need to perform the folloing:

1. Open Exchange System Manager

2. Expand Global Setting and Click on Internet Message Formats


3. In the right hand pane, double click the “Default” name or whatever domain you have configured.

4. Click on the Advanced Tab and uncheck the option for Allow non-delivery reports


5. Ok and you are done!

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DotNetNuke Modules with a difference (Silverlight and CRM)

We have recently finished development of a rather special DNN module. What makes this particular DotNetNuke module different from the 23 existing publically released DotNetNuke Modules is the fact that this is heavily dependent on Silverlight and is integrating directly to Microsoft CRM from DotNetNuke to provide membership services.

We have done and continue to do advanced Silverlight developments into DotNetNuke Modules, having developed products like Silerlight Media Player, and Silverlight Video Library.

This latest dnn module however is really something that we are proud of.

Known as the Agfarm Membership Module the module functions in the following way:

1. Simple design interface, as was our clients instructions, but easy and clean to use with the Silverlgiht.


The system will hit directly onto Microsoft CRM for all information, and although in some cases the data returns are based on several hundreds of thousands of records, the return is fast. Within seconds.

In line editing of data in data grids is something we worked hard to deliver in the Silverlight data grid.


Pulling .pdf contracts that are attached into CRM as a note to an entity, we are able to reference multiple notes and return the .pdf to screen directly from the module.


Dynamic Dashboard building to pull through hundreds of thousands of records to build a data grid that can be customized:


to then pull custom price history that can be charted:



We have also developed a rating system to rate transactions that happen in CRM as custom contracts. A contract can the be rated in a similar way to an ebay contracts. (sale). With the predictive text lookup tool allowing  and individual to search for an organisation and see their average rating.


The modification of a users details includes the ability to automatically hide and show save and cancel buttons based on the original data, so for example.


If I update the UHF field from showing the number 1 to showing 12 the save can cancel buttons appear.


if I back space.


they are dropped.  It is the little attention to detail here that we are most happy with. Best of all however is the ability to run the application “out of Browser”. With the entire application able to be installed to a desktop (including apple) and run as though it was an application.

image image

We are so happy with this experience, that we are pushing development of Silverlight into all our DotNetNuke Modules in the future.

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DotNetNuke Bulk Email Campaign with Link Tracking

An Extract from our Bulk Emailer Manual for DotNetNuke DNN


Link Tracking in DNN Email Module

There are three options here.

Delete the campaign history

View the email messages that was sent on the campaign

More data – Clicking this reveals additional information about the campaign.

clip_image001 Link Tracking

Email messages are by default link tracked. Any hyperlink in the email message will display in link tracking. The Thumbnail of the page, and the number of people how have clicked the link from within your email message.

Within this area is also some configuration options to allow you to create a list based on those who respond to a link. This allows you to create a conditional campaign to those who demonstrate interest in an item in your original campaign.



It should be noted that the icons run off a schedule process. And initially the link icons will show as below with the Thumbnail not available:


Once the scheduler has run that generated the thumbnails, the links look something like this:


Clicking on the number in the total links column will reveal some details about who has clicked on that link:


Edit Link

From within the link tracking matrix allows a DNN security role to be defined against a link. All email addresses that match a DNN user’s email address will have the DNN user account added to the specified security role.

This is a powerful feature that can allow you to manage roles based on those who express interest in a link of a campaign, for example a vote link, or link to a YES or NO compliance etc.



Allows for a friendly name for the link to replace the sometimes complex title that may have been necessary in the email message.

Add to list


Allows for the respondents to the link to be added to a custom list. This is similar to adding users to the DNN security roles, but is using the custom lists feature of the Bulk Emailer module.

Remember here too that the custom lists can only contain each individual email once. So clicking the add to list link will only add new email addresses not already on this list.




The search feature allows you to search for an email address and see if it was included in the send, if it has been sent and read.


The details list of the email addresses that have been sent the email, including the read time and status.

The status can be:

· Pending – In queue for sending

· Completed – Sent to the email address

· Read – The recipient has read the message.

View Statistics

Clicking on the View Statistics tab will reveal additional details about the campaign.


· Total Recipients = the total number of unique email addresses in the send

· Blocked email addresses = the number of email addresses that appeared in the campaign send list and also have been identified in the blocked list.

· Bouncing Emails = Email addresses that could not be reached and bounced.

· New Bounces = The number of additions to the bounce email list that were generated from this campaign.

· Messages Read = Total email messages that have been opened at the client end and tracked as read. You should note that it is not possible to track all reads. Some examples of reads not tracked:

§ People who read offline

§ PDA and Mobile phone reads

§ Reads with images turned off on some clients

§ Some clients like yahoo etc.

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Windows 2008 Server IE Security Warnings All the Frigging Time!

Ever wondered how to stop IE from giving you the Add Site messages all the time on a windows 2008 Server?

Open Server Manager

Under Security Click – Configure ESC

And Just Turn it Off!


Yeah it is a little less secure when roaming the net. But I don’t roam the net on a server anyway! and yeah it is an overkill to turn it all off rather than tame it down…, but I was not the lame programmer who came up with a system so annoying that by the time you turn it off you are just pleased to see the end of the dam thing.

Kind of rings like UAC in Vista…


Just one more reason to consider a mac! (Mind you it is better in Vista SP2…. sorry did I say Vista, I meant Windows 7)

Backup Exec could not find a Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) software or hardware provider on the media server.

We setup a new job recently on our Backup Exec 12.5 server. One of the jobs had the following error:

Backup Exec could not find a Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) software or hardware provider on the media server. To use offhost backup, a VSS provider must be installed on both the media server and on the remote computer.


The solution to the is actually easy. It was a mistake we made in setup of the Backup Job.

All we had to do was un check the option in Advanced Disk-base Backup.


Hope this helps others.

DNN Modules – Advanced Login updated

Dot Net Nuke Module LoginWe have updated our popular advanced login module for DNN. The updates can be viewed from the DotNetNuke Advanced Login Module Website here.


With the Advanced Login Module, users of your website can login with an email address or otherProfile information instead of having to remember a user name.

Additionally you can allow verification of identity with profile data other than a password. First Name for example.

Restrict and allow access based in IP address, and then redirect based to a DotNetNuke page based on IP address of the user.

Cannot Run Project in Expression Blend 3


While working in Expression Blend 3 we found on one of our work computers we could not run the project from blend.

We were on a Windows Vista and later Windows 7 box, and found that running the project would just return a message like: “Page cannot be displayed” or similar.

Research showed that this was cause by the little application that hosts the local website that runs the project being blocked by an update to Window Defender and Forefront Security. This update mad a modification to the “hosts” file.


The Fix

Open this file: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts in Notepad, and add the following entry:       localhost

Making it look something like this:


A subsequent signature update to both Windows Defender and and Forefront Client Security, released on the same day as the earlier update, should not cause this problem. Gotta love that!

MS CRM The length of the ‘messageid’ attribute of the ’email’ entity exceeded the maximum allowed length of ‘100’.

I had noticed that this error was logging in the Application log of our CRM server very often.


#9628 – An error occurred while delivering the e-mail message with subject "FW: Undeliverable: Read: " in mailbox for delivery to http://localhost/CRM. System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request.
   at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.ReadResponse(SoapClientMessage message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean asyncCall)
   at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters)
   at Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Proxy.CrmService.Execute(Request Request)
   at Microsoft.Crm.Tools.Email.Providers.CrmPollingMailboxProvider.DeliverMessageInternal(EmailMessage emailMessage)
   at Microsoft.Crm.Tools.Email.Providers.ExchangePollingMailboxProvider.DeliverMessageInternal(EmailMessage emailMessage)
   at Microsoft.Crm.Tools.Email.Providers.CrmPollingMailboxProvider.DeliverMessage(EmailMessage emailMessage)
   at Microsoft.Crm.Tools.Email.Providers.CrmPollingMailboxProvider.Run()\r\n
  A validation error occurred.  The length of the ‘messageid’ attribute of the ’email’ entity exceeded the maximum allowed length of ‘100’.

The solution was to customize the Email Entity.


The Email Entity



Attributes: messageID


Change the Message Maximum Length to 250


Save and Close


Then Publish


Although this fix will not track all messages of any length, it will help.