DotNetNuke Users Online Gadget / Widget

With the Isers Online Gadget / Widget module you can monitor your DotNetNuke website activity in real time for your PC or Mac Desktop with ease and in real time.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Install
  • Works on Mac
  • Works on PC
  • Works on Google
  • Works Real Time

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About the Module

This Module is one that we created to allow us to monitor the new user signup rate and activity on our site in real time. We use this module constantly ourselves as a way to keep an eye on how our site is progressing in attracting people to our products and services.

Because DotNetNuke is so powerfull as a users signup portal, we were able to tap into the informaiton that is captured with a signup and display it into a Gadget / Widget that can be used on either a PC or Mac.

Features and Requirements:

Simple to Use

Install the Module, Download the Gadget from the link provided, link the gadget to the URL. That is all that is required.

Custom Users Online Module

Gadget Works Like any other Gadget

Like other Windows Gadgets, this one is easy to use and move around on your desktop. Easy to add multiple instances to your Desktop.

Normal Gadget operation in Windows

Change Opacity

As with all your Gadgets, you can change the Opacity of this Gadget on your Desktop.

Opacity control

Simple to Use

Configuring the module is a simple process as you can see in the online setup instructions here.

You place one module on your site, then install one gadget onto your desktop. Then you copy and paste a URL into the configuration of the gadget and you are done.

Simple Configuration

Users online Links to Profile Data

Clicking on the Users Online Link in the Gadget will drive you to a page that displays the Users Profile Data in your default browser.

Click on a User URL

Displays the Profile Data for that user


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SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express

DNN Versions

DNN 05.05.01 +

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PA Install Files for supported DNN Versions

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