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iWebs News App

We have produced a Free News App for the iPhone, with news and current details from a range of media sources all relating to InteractiveWebs. This App servers as an example of our iPhone App quality and standards. We are pleased to announce that we are reselling this app rebranded for your business, club, association, Church, or other News App needs.

The iWebs News App can easily feed data directly from a number of sources, including: WordPress Blogs, DotNetNuke Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more.

News Feed from WordPress Blog
With no modification, the App allows content from WordPress and other Blog Technology to feed in.
RSS Feeds Directly to the App
With an existing formated RSS or complex RSS feeds you can bring content to iPhone users in seconds.
Video feed from YouTube or Similar
Take existing Video content from your favorite repository and feed it to the News App with no modification.
Feed Podcasts, Twitter or Facebook
Take News and audio conten from your existing publication system into the App with no modifications.



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