Outlook 2013 Ribbon Keeps Hiding in Office 365


After playing around with the new (totally disappointing) Outlook 2013 I found that the ribbon would keep hiding.

While that is annoying enough and I wanted to turn it back to how it was by default, what was really ticking me off was that someone else inadvertently made this happen while on my computer and could not tell me what they have done to set it that way.

So I set about working it it.

I couldn’t with out help.

So I set to Google for assistance. Found nothing, hence I’m writing this.


Click a Message in your mail view.

Click HOME (the ribbon should appear)


Then on the far right of the ribbon, is a little drawing pin icon. In this location


That when clicked will turn to the indication above. This pins the ribbon in place.

For the record… I am disappointed by the new Office. There is nothing new that impresses me after 3 years of additional development time, and plenty of little traps like this that just suck time and annoy you!

Watching Microsoft fall from grace by their own hand is slow and painful for all of us, although the future looks a little brighter sinace the removal of Blamer.

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104 thoughts on “Outlook 2013 Ribbon Keeps Hiding in Office 365

  1. Debby

    This seems only to pin the menu there for as long as you have the program open, but every night I close all my programs and shut down my computer, and every morning I come back to find my ribbon unpinned again. Any thoughts?

      1. John Swan

        So have I, at home at least, but work is wedded to the Microsoft Corporate Beast so we’re stuck with it. However, I just wanted to record that your tip helped, and I totally agree with the frustrations you list, and if I could go completely Mac I would!

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