Adobe Fireworks CS5 Cannot Close An internal error occurred

imageFor some reason today, I cannot close the Adobe CS5 Fireworks application. When I try I receive:

  • An internal error occurred
  • An internal error occurred

That’s right.. twice.


The Solution

1. Kill kill kill

First off, kill the application by starting the Task Manager (Windows is the assumption here, as the problem would not be there on a mac)


2. Remove some files

We on Windows XP, go to: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS5

Windows 7: C:\Users\<<username>>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Fireworks CS5

Vista: Who cares!

In that folder, change the name (to simulate a delete) or actually delete the following.




Language directory: image

I personally added a _ after them.


for example. This makes it easy to restore if needed.

3. Start Fireworks

After that, you start Fireworks, and you are done. It will recreate these files and the language folder. Error gone, all good.


There is a lot of discussions around about the fact that this appears to be a 64 Bit related error, and a lot of ticked off people who wish it was fixed since the early version. Personally I could not care a great deal. I know that not one person is reporting the same issue on a Mac. There is the permanent solution right there!


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