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Interactive Webs has been in the business of website development and design for many years. Over this time we have continually evolved our business and offerings as the web has evolved to deliver more.

Our focus is to remain current and relevant to our customers needs, while picking technologies that remain interesting, advanced and deliver for our clients.

Much of our focus remains on the DotNetNuke Modules and the DNN Content Management System.

Our business integration solutions focuses on Microsoft CRM, and the integration of this technology to DotNetNuke via way of DNN Modules.

In recent times we have focused much of out attention to developing in Silverlight. We are in the process of moving all of our Custom Modules over to use Silverlight as our preferred interface.

If you would like to follow our development of technologies and solutions, you can follow our blog.

DotNetNuke Modules

Rock Solid Reliability

Our solutions focus first on Reliable Technologies, including ASP.Net and DotNetNuke Modules running on Windows 2008 Server and IIS7.

DNN Modules

Easy to Use

Using the power of Silverlight 3.0 we work hard to make our products and solutions easy to use from beginner to advanced user..

DNN Module

Simple Control Panel

Much of our inspiration comes from people who do technology well. We like to look around and study those that do technology better than others…

DotNetNuke Module

Business Integration

Our solutions offer more than simple web design. We take business productivity seriously and our solutions are slanted to productivity in business & associations.


Constant Contact

With our CRM integration technologies comes customer care and contact. We offer a range of solutions including advanced email integration to MS CRM and online customer management.

Google Analytics

SEO is the Word

We don’t just offer the catch phrase Search Engine Optimization, but we deliver. Our SEO Service have measurable consistent results for our clients.


Website that are WC3 Compliant

Our Websites are WC3 compliant and offer the latest in online user interface technologies. Including Out of Browser Silverlight applications.

Custom Modules

Themes and Skins

Our website solutions look and feel is managed by way of DNN Skins and Themes. We design and develop custom skins for our clients as well as advanced web content for business and professionals.


Custom Logo Design

Our web design team is experienced at delivering high impact logos and banner images for your website and business needs. All your business logo design needs can be met by our experienced team.


Custom Help Link

Online, offline and tailored training is available in DotNetNuke, Microsoft CRM, Integration Solutions, DNN Module and many more packages..


DotNetNuke Modules

The majority of our solutions are packaged around easy to use DNN modules. Check out our range of online modules that can be downloaded for free.


Beginner Websites

Many of our clients would like to start with cost effective solutions, but have the ability to expand their website as their business grows. This is where our beginner web packages come into play.


Business Websites and Design

Our business range of websites is focused on delivering productivity tool that allow a business to make a self managed online presence. tailored on DotNetNuke platforms and with a range of custom DNN Modules.


Intermediate Web Packages

All the bang without the buck. We deliver rich functionality, at a cost effective price. As with all our DNN based website and designs, our packages can grow as your needs grow.


Complete Website Solution

Want a CRM system, online shopping cart, bulk email solution and an integrated website that allows you and your clients to communicate via the web. Then the Complete Solution is for you!


Easy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

We handle the lot. Domain Registration, Advanced Exchange Email, Advanced Website solutions, and business technology integration. Our packages can cover simple to advanced business needs.

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