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Solution to – Windows 7 Slows with Thumbnail Previews of Images

Windows 7 Slow to Thumbnail Preview – Solution

We have found for the problem that we have experienced significantly with Windows 7. The problem is found when viewing in Thumbnail Preview a directory with a lot of image files in it.

Like you would a directory of icon images used in a graphic design company, or even a general user with a lot of images in your folder.

What happens is that the system stalls and chokes while a green progress bar slides from left to right taking anything up to 40 seconds to complete.


While the thumbnails are not displayed, but the default icon is in place while the computer has a good old think about that it will do next.

Strangely enough, this was something that worked well on the Microsoft Windows India (AKA Vista). Some how the US boys broke the thing when they took the code back from the Indians to pump out Vista (Rebranded Windows 7).

You can see where I am going with this… or at least can tell that I am completely fed up with the fact that massive computer system running a RAID Stripe with 3 of the fastest hard disks on the market, struggles to generate thumbnails from a file that the operating system has already created and hidden.

When my old iPhone 3 generates icons as fast as I can view them.

So that got me thinking how I can fix this.

Got me thinking back to solutions from Windows 95 days. There were thumbnail generating programs back then that worked faster than Windows 7.

Even had me thinking about breaking things apart into folders with less files in it.

But then it came to me….

The fix.

I am a proud mac owner. What the hell am I busting my hump trying to work out how to fix a problem that Microsoft created and never fixed since the release of Windows 7. I should stop thinking like a Windows Server Administrator and think like a user.

So User… what you going to do.

1. You already have Drop Box syncing the files since Microsoft Killed the pleasure you once had with Folder Share / Live Sync / (Some Busted Ass junk that no longer works since MS purchased Folder Share).

2. The directory is already on the mac, because Drop Box just works!

3. Just surf the images on the Mac.

What a pleasure. The experience was so good, that I just played with it fir 10 min or so, seeing how fast I could scroll and see if it could keep up. It could.

I went from this:


to this:

Screen shot 2011-02-22 at 12.58.54 AM

Solution found!  (I had to write this because it ticks me off so much that the basic features of Windows Still don’t work after soooo long!)

Thumbnail Generation is just one of many.

Updated the Tell My Friend Module for DNN

Today we have updated out Tell My Friend Module for DNN. The update is significant for us as it represents an entirely new backend for all our modules. The control of which we have finally got right.

The reality is that for over a year we have been playing with various technologies and trying to work out what would be best for user management UI. We tried Ajax, Silverlight, ripped images with direct .net code, java and we believe we have it right using some jQuery controls.

Check out our update and see what you think. Remember all our DNN modules are free to trial.


DNN Tell My Friend ModuleDescription:

The DNN Tell My Friend (Tell A Friend) is an advanced DotNetNuke module that allows you to easily as a module to one or many pages of your DNN website.

Description: /portals/42/dnn%20data%20validation.jpgNow with Advanced Jquery code for improved reliability with other Ajax modules and skins!

The custom DotNetNuke Module displays a link as either a URL or image button that when clicked, will open a light box style of effect to allow the browser of your site to tell their friends about your page or site..

This advanced DotNetNuke module is easy to setup and adds a powerful network marketing aspect to your website.


Microsoft Pivot Module for DotNetNuke Updates


We have released an update of our popular Microsoft Pivot DotNetNuke Module.

Mine your DotNetNuke user accounts to spot trends in your accounts and signup history. Microsoft "Pivot" allows you to organize and display data like never before.

The new technology recently released by Microsoft Labs is allowing the visualization of data that would otherwise be difficult to explore.

Take a look at the Ted Talk Video below to understand this technology, and imagine how you could use it with your DotNetNuke membership data.

There is nothing else that can sort and arrange data like Microsoft Pivot!

This module is exciting as it allows you to easily launch your profile data as a pivot within minutes.

here is nothing else that can sort and arrange data like Microsoft Pivot!

Description: Description: Description:


We were inspired by the recent video shown on the website by Gary Flake.

View the Microsoft Pivot Video First


Cannot Browse Microsoft Sites or Antivirus Sites Cornflicker is your problem

Conflicker VirusWow.. it has been some time since I danced the Antivirus Windows dance, but today I had an experience that a lot of you may know about.

A re-install of a server and I wanted to throw onto it Windows 2008 R2. Problem was that the server only has a CD drive.

So I look at what ISO’s I can lay my hands on that are CD install. I found that Windows 2000 SP2 was it for server software.

While I probably could have assed around trying to find some other way to load up a new operating system via network or USB etc. But since I started using Apple products a year or two ago, I value life… and so was not prepared to throw time away with Microsoft on that little journey.

So up goes the virgin 2003 SP2 server.

Assed around with some new network drivers… and I was done.

Only problem… no connectivity to Microsoft. Some more of my life gone, and I work out that the brand new server has been infected with Cornflicker virus. Fancy that… A new server with no action on it, and it already has a virus.

I should point out that the server was on a network with a few hundred computers and lightning fast access to the internet.

Who knows where it got it from, but I was flabbergasted to see this happen quite this easily. Anyway the removal was somewhat of a pain, as I tried a few things before I managed to get rid of it.

Because the virus stops access to Microsoft. Most of the download links for the Microsoft solutions were a total waste of time.

It begs the questions why they don’t publish what you need at locations that are non and that change often to fool the virus. Anyway!

Other virus programs would remove the threat, only to find it was back again instantly on reboot.

So I found that you needed to patch the server with Security Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB958644)

And then run the Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool

Ensuring that you do the full scan.

After a reboot with the patch, the thing was gone and the server could be patched.

I found it easiest to download these two file from another location and install onto the server from a share.

mht or mhtml is Restricted File Type Valid File Types Include

DotNetNuke File Types

When uploading an mht or mhtml file to Bulk Emailer moduel for DotNetNuke. You receive a message that looks like this:

The File C:\Inetpub\XXXXXXX\httpdocs\Portals\0\filename.mht Is A Restricted File Type. Valid File Types Include ( *. swf, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.gif, *.bmp, *.png, *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.pdf, *.txt, *.xml, *.xsl, *.xsd, *.css, *.zip, *.template, *.csv, *.htmtemplate ). Please Contact Your Hosting Provider If You Need To Upload A File Type Which Is Not Supported.


1. Login to your DotNetNuke website as a host.

2. Navigate to the HOST / Host Settings page – Other Settings

3. Add ‘,mht,mhtml’ (without the ”) into the Allowable File Extensions.

4. Click Update and you are done.

DotNetNuke only allows certain file types to be uploaded by default. You need to allow DNN to accept the Microsoft MHT or MHTML file type if you plan on using it with Bulk Emailer.

Update to DNN Module–Google Analytics Report for DotNetNuke

Description: we released an update to our Google Analytics Report Module for DNN. The module is an excellent way to bring your Analytics results directly into your DNN website.

We have an example of the DNN module running on our analytics report site here.

DotNetNuke (DNN) Analytics Report ModuleDescription: Free DNN Modules

Google Analytics Report Module allows you to display your Google Analytics Graphs in a custom module on your DNN website.

This allows you to use the Google Analytics free service with your client’s websites, and deliver the results directly to the client without them leaving the DNN platform. This effectively replaces the DNN site log data with a neat flash colour graph of the Analytics Report data.

Now you can have advanced analytics data in your site and have it appear to be part of the DotNetNuke Module Platform that you deliver to clients.

This is another Custom Module for DotNetNuke by InteractiveWebs.

Problem with moving email servers to new IP

imageWe have discovered a rather annoying email problem this week. Because of a closure of a data centre we have used for over 10 years, we have been forced to pickup our servers and move them over to a new data centre. As annoying and as much work as this is, we have found one particular issue with the change of our primary email servers over to a new IP.

In recent years, there has been a new emergence of spam email fighting systems. Cisco is using it’s power of basically routing almost every bit of data on the internet to directly monitor IP addresses real time. They call this and is part of their IronPort spam scanning service.

We have had our email servers running for years with a “Good” reputation on this service.


However when we move the IP to a new block, we have found that almost instantly, the IronPort services rank us as “poor” due to the fact that they monitor days / weeks / months of average email sent from the address. When we instantly move to a new address that last month did no email, and start blasting email galore through one IP. Bang we are canned.

In the past this has not been a big issue. But in Australia, our primary telco has recently been pushing an email spam service that relies heavily on this service. So we are finding that loads of Australian businesses are blocking our email services. The solution has been to relay through some other email services, but that is time consuming and fiddly, as we still have to leave the majority of email running through the new IP so that it develops a “good” reputation on the IronPort services.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the support people at IronPort answered emails for support to move the reputation of an old IP address over to a news one!

– Update- Since we wrote this. We have been in contact with the senderbase support people who have ranked us a “Good”. It took 3 email messages and 7 days, but they did finally assist.

As it turns out, this ranking is one of the most important aspects of running a valid email server. It is a shame they do not have a more transparent method of making the requests for review. We still cannot work out exactly what the cause of the poor ranking was. There is the possibility that it way by association with the network owner who would appear to deserve a ranking of poor.