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DotNetNuke Custom Registration Form

With the Advanced Login Module for DNN, you can customize your users login experience with a custom registration form, and run it with a jQuery style popup effect.

Custom Registration Form

With the Advanced Login Module for DotNetNuke, you can create a custom template using our in module template system.



Within the registration form you can add tokens for any of the DotNetNuke site profile items that are marked as visible. To see a list of the profile items that are available as tokens, expand the Registration Form Tokens and click the “here”



This will show the tokens that can be used on your site. If you add more profile data to the DotNetNuke profile properties area (and mark them as visible) then you will automatically add them to the list of profile tokens available for use in the Advanced Login registration template.

Required Fields

If you wish to force a user to enter certain fields when registering, you simply mark the corresponding profile item as required in the DotNetNuke Profile Properties page, and you will then be forcing that token / field to be required during the registration process when using the Advanced Login Module, but only if you have included the token for that item in your registration from.

An Example of Required Registration Data

Looking here we see that First Name is a required field:


And to use the First Name field, we need to add a token that looks like this: [FirstName]


So we added this to our registration form using some “class” formatting to get it looking as we wish.


The result on our site looks like this:


Now if we try to register without a First Name filed, we receive the DNN error message in our form:


DotNetNuke Video Module

With the recent launch of the DotNetNuke Video Module using the latest version of Silverlight, We are please to launch the latest DNN Silverlight Video Library.

DotNetNuke (DNN) Silverlight Video Library 4.0DotNetNuke Modules

This custom module from InteractiveWebs is the most advanced Video module for DNN. Taking advantage of Silverlight 3.0 and offering advanced Silverlight features and rich end user experience.

The speed and experience with the client side application is second to none as a video player. Full screen, chapter browsing, and streaming download experience is remarkable.

This is the first DotNetNuke module to offer this advanced Silverlight functionality and is a taste of things to come in Custom DotNetNuke Module Development form InteractiveWebs.

DotNetNuke Reliable Modules

Rock Solid Reliability

Built on top of years of DNN Custom Module development experience. This module uses the proven DNN Silverlight Video Module and adds many new Silverlight UI features.

Easy DNN Modules

Easy to Use

Using the power of Silverlight 3.0 we have designed a user interface that is smooth and intuitive to end users. You can pass this module to your most inexperienced DNN clients and they will enjoy using it.


Simple Control Panel

As with all our products, we work hard to keep our interface simple. With this application we use the traditional stacked control panel.

DotNetNuke Large Files

Large File Up-loader

This DotNetNuke module includes a Large File Up-loader that will stream video files directly to your DNN portal file store.

DotNetNuke Images

Advanced Image Selector

Image selection for the icon preview of the video is made through the file system of an automated video grab system, that can capture a frame of the video to use as the preview.

DotNetNuke Google

Title and Description

The videos have title and description meta data added to the page that is stored in a Silverlight SEO friendly format.

DotNetNuke Size

Size Adjustment

Fit the module to the space on your page with "Look and Feel" Height and Width controls. This makes the custom module fit custom DNN web pages with ease.

DotNetNuke Themes


Built in Silverlight Themes for the Module interface make the end user experience a delight for your website users. The module ships with three themes.

DotNetNuke Logo

Customize the Logo

The Module ships with the Interactive Webs Logo (naturally enough) however this can easily be replaced with your own logo by changing an image URL in the language settings of DotNetNuke. Making the module appear to be your own. How Cool!

DotNetNuke Help

Custom Help Link

The Module ships with a link help icon in the Silverlight interface. The URL of this icon can be edited to your own site. Making it possible for the module to appear to be completely your companies work.

DotNetNuke Install

Auto Install Prompting

Although Microsoft has had Silverlight as an auto update in Windows for over a year. We sometimes find people that don’t have Silverlight installed. This module will prompt them for installation of necessary components automatically.

DotNetNuke Mac

Works on a Mac!

All the included Silverlight features work well on a Mac as well as multiple browsers in Windows. This includes the Out of Browser Experience

DotNetNuke Advanced Streaming

Advanced Streaming

This DNN module will stream .wmv files faster than any other technology. You can take a large file and snap to any location in the file without needing to download the entire video. Very fast very neat.

DotNetNuke Video

Chapter Sequencing

Insert multiple chapter markers into the module to allow your end users to snap to a location in the video. This takes advantage of the Advanced Streaming system.

DotNetNuke Video Control

Video Controls

Volume up, down, play, stop, volume control and full screen control are all included as you would expect in any Video Player for DotNetNuke.

DotNetNuke Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Ordering

You can change the order of your videos by dragging and dropping them into a new order. After playing with this feature you will begin to understand how useful Silverlight is to the DotNetNuke experience.

DotNetNuke Time Display

Video Time Display

An on screen clock shows the total time and time of the currently displayed farm. This makes it useful for creating Chapter Sequencing.

DotNetNuke Mute Control

Mute Control

Single Click Mute control to cancel the video sound.

DotNetNuke Secure Module

Secure Module

The module security roles and security of play features work with the out of browser experience. So if you require users to be in a security role to play, then dropping out of that role will cancel this ability.

DotNetNuke Easy Steps

Easy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

A simple guided 1-5 step process for adding videos to the module, with built in preview window, makes adding and editing videos a breeze.

Screen Captures:

DotNetNuke Silverlight Video
Player interface is easy to use

DotNetNuke Video Selection
Video management is clean and simple

DotNetNuke Video Control
Uploading a new Video

DotNetNuke Video Chapters
Adding Chapters

DotNetNuke Size Control
Look and Feel

DotNetNuke User Ratings
Ratings Control





SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express

DNN Versions

DNN 4.5.5 and Above, including DNN 5+

Download Package

PA Install Files for supported DNN Versions

Version History


Source Code

Source code is not available for the module.


Free Unlimited Updates in accordance with our update policy Here

Symantec EndPoint Protection Manager

I find it very annoying that the Symantec EndPoint protection manager application makes you select a new password from time to time. And.. you cannot use the same password as previously used.


I will never understand why it was not configured to use the logged in user authentication. But in any case, it can lead to a person forgetting the pass they set. The solution to this is very easy, and makes the whole point of being required to change passwords an absolute joke.

To use Resetpass.bat:

1. Open Windows Explorer on the computer where you run Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.
2. Change directory to the <Drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Tools folder.
3. Double-click the Resetpass.bat executable file. The password is reset to the default password. (admin / admin)
4. Be sure to change the password immediately.

DotNetNuke Upgrade Error on Snowcovered

Noticed this today:

DotNetNuke Upgrade Error

The Assembly Version ( [ASSEMBLYVERSION] ) does not match the Database Version ( [DATABASEVERSION] )
ERROR: Could not connect to database.
Cannot open database "Snowcovered2" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user ‘snowcovered’.


It appears that the professionals have troubles too!

Strange from an admin point of view that their Database Connector name would be something as obvious as “snowcovered”.  I wonder if their pass is “dotnetnuke”?

DotNetNuke Flash Module Board

DotNetNuke Flash Board

DotNetNuke Flash BoardDNN Module Free

Add some flash to your DNN Website with this incredibly easy to use rotating flash banner style module.

With the click of a button you can assign your own images to the flash component, and then create dynamic modifications to the menu and images to deliver a great looking and engaging module.

This DotNetNuke module offers beginner users a reliable customizable flash experience in minutes.DotNetNuke Version History

Description: DotNetNuke Reliable Modules

Rock Solid Reliability

This DotNetNuke Module is built on years of experience with DNN Module development.

Description: Easy DNN Modules

Easy to Use

Modify the DNN Flash Board Module components with easy to use buttons and selectors.

Description: DNN UI

Simple Controls

As the world of computing becomes an easier place, we have tried hard to make the configuration of this module simple.

Description: DotNetNuke Large Files

Upload Images

Change your DNN Flash content by uploading your own background images to the module.

Description: DotNetNuke Logo

Customize the Module

The overlay words and content links are totally customizable by you.

Description: DotNetNuke Help

Help ?

As with all our DotNetNuke modules, we try to make the ? help items actually have meaningful support.

Description: DotNetNuke Video Control

Video Controls

The module comes with the ability to have auto play auto rotate or fixed display..

Description: DotNetNuke Drag and Drop

Order Control

Change the order of your Dot Net Nuke Flash Module slides after you have placed your content.

Screen Captures:

Colour pre-sets to make the setting up of initial configuration easy.

Simple to modify colours and settings.

Crisp Professional Results.





SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express

Description: Versions

DNN 4.5.5 and Above, including DNN 5+

Description: Package

PA Install Files for supported DNN Versions

Description: History


Description: Code

Source code is not available for the module.


Free Unlimited Updates in accordance with our update policy Here

DotNetNuke DNN An Error Has Occurred When Attempting To Save The File Forum Mdoule

When trying to add a file attachment to the DotNetNuke forum module, we received an error that looked like this.

An Error Has Occurred When Attempting To Save The File C:\webroot\site\\wwwroot\Portals\0\Forums\Attachments\imge.jpg. Please Contact Your Hosting Provider To Ensure The Appropriate Security Settings Have Been Enabled On The Server.

We stuffed around for a longer than normal time looking to fix this. We played with permissions on the website host server and folders, as in most of the forum posts about this error we found, they were all blindly looking at that as the problem.


Check the folder exists – Look in the folder structure to see if the /Forums/Attachments/ folder is actually there.

Create it if is is not – In the website File Manager (ie under the Admin / File Manager DNN menu, create the Attachments folder. ensuring that you set permissions in that file manager to allow all registered users to upload.

Remove then recreate file upload permissions – In the forum administrator area, under the file Attachment Manager, uncheck, then update, then recheck and update the “Enable File Attachment” option.


Aldo remember to check the the Attachments Path is the one you created earlier.

For us, that did the trick.