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Part 5: File System stuff and path to Documents directory – A .net developer learns objective-c for iPhone iPad

Some quick info for the file system on the iOS.

Documents – persists data and is backed up when you connect itunes.

tmp – used for your temp app stuff. Not to persist data and you should clean up that directory whenever possible by your app.

Library/Caches – persists app specific data between launches of the app. Not backed up.

Library/Preferences – app specific preference settings data (but use CFPreferences API), Gets backed up.

More info at apple’s site here.


Quickly get the path to your Documents directory here:

NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);
NSString *documentsDirectory = [paths objectAtIndex:0];

// get a file called foo.xml

NSString *filePath = [documentsDirectory stringByAppendingPathComponent:@”foo.xml”];

Getting the tmp directory is a bit easier:

NSString *tmpDir = NSTemporaryDirectory();

Part 4: Talking to an asmx web service – A .net developer learns objective-c for iPhone iPad

So here i am reading up on how the cocoa touch framework doesn’t have support for working with xml too easily and its not an easy task to undertake in manually parsing a soap xml… when along comes something so amazing i may have wee’d my pants a little.


SudzC is an amazingly helpful website where you simply pass it a url to an asmx or upload a wsdl file, it spits you out a fully fledged example project along with reference documentation and the source code you’ll need to include to make webservice communication as easy as…


Important stuff is the:

[service … line and the Completed action (or event in .net speak) it returns. I simply just spat some stuff out to the log to see some results.

What’s is awesome and worth mentioning (again) is what is in\Source\Examples. From within the zip you get sent from SudzC is the all important examples you need to start cracking (with YOUR webmethods).

SudzC … i think i’m in love!

IIS 7 WordPress permissions Could not create Temporary file

When hosting wordpress on iis 7, the ability to upload images from blog post tools like Live Writer and the ability to automatically update plugins is controlled by the permissions set both within IIS and within the directory structure that IIS accesses. The account that holds the key to the success is the “Users” account, unlike other versions of IIS.

WordPress 3.5 Manual Fix

Below is the manual fix you can apply to be able to get your WordPress 3.5 install working correctly, there are two options that should work.

1) In the file wp-config.php, add the following line before “That’s all, stop editing”

define( 'WP_TEMP_DIR', ABSPATH . 'wp-content/' );


2) In the file /wp-includes/class-http.php comment out lines 144 and 145, which look like the following:

if ( ! is_writable( dirname( $r['filename'] ) ) )
	return new WP_Error( 'http_request_failed', __( 'Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable.' ) );

After applying one of the above fixes you should be able to add/upgrade your plugins and upgrade your themes, and will allow you to use the auto upgrade feature when WordPress version 3.5.1 is released.


Part 2: Nappies and training wheels – A .net developer learns objective-c for iPhone iPad

Just going through some early podcast videos from the Cocoa Touch Netcast (search cocoatouch netcast in the itunes store).

The first video is good going off the back of the videos mentioned in my last post. The 2nd video ep 2: Slider is also helpful. It clearly explains Class inheritance (a class is your code, classes can be inherited from super classes bringing with it certain functionality), actions and outlets (the way which the UI interacts back and forth with the code) and a good demo of a basic slider control flinging left to right adjusting with it the text in a label of the sliders current position. A good hello world (without the text hello world).

Have a good pause at 11mins into it for a good screen explaining actions and outlets.

outlet -> points to label
action -> references a slider’s event

So the code in SliderViewController.h would look something like:

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@interface SliderViewController : UIViewController {
UILabel *sliderLabel;
@property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet UILabel *sliderLabel;
- (IBAction)sliderChanged(id)sender;

And with any .h file there is a matching .m file, SliderViewController.m would look like this:

#import "SliderViewController.h" 
@implementation SliderViewController 
@synthesize sliderLabel; 
-(IBAction)SliderChanged(id)sender { 
UISlider *slider = (UISlider *)sender; 
int progressAsInt = (int)(slider.value + 0.5f); 
NSString *newText = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"%d", progressAsInt]; 
sliderLabel.text = newText; 
[newText release]; 
-(void)dealloc { 
[sliderLabel release]; 
[super dealloc]; 

Armed with limited knowledge (feel free to correct me) I see variables and methods are referenced in the .h file (variables within the {}’s and methods after). Naming a variable (ie sliderLabel) the same as the outlet seems to give you the ability to speak directly with the label on the UI.

You need to call @synthesize to be able to use the sliderLabel variable on the .m file. This I assume from the example is to be called for every variable mentioned in the .h file.

So … time for me to do some damage. Stay tuned, lets see if I can remember to alloc, init and release!

Part 1: Baby steps – A .net developer learns objective-c for iPhone iPad

What is this?
A series of blog posts about a staff member at InteractiveWebs (.net developer since .net went 1.0) taking on the challenge of transitioning to iPhone and iPad development.

Brief context:
Every day we live with "Object not set to an instance of an object" or "modify the web.config" this or "I’m not a xaml designer" that. Hang on a second, if I am frustrated by using Microsoft technology well developing for it is equally frustrating. But if using Apple technology is the equivalent to geek crack, then I wonder if developing for Apple and its devices are an equally enjoyable experience.

Where am I at?
Had a play with Monotouch and it seems like a logical step for someone like me. However it did dawn on me that I’m trying to move away from the .net way of life so in a way monotouch seems a bit of a cop out (while I am a big fan of what those guys are doing).
Its been a few days of downloading sdk’s and watching demo videos. Already getting itchy to jump in to some code.

First things first. Bookmark, Favourite and Pin to home screen as this site is amazingly helpful. (You don’t even need to read dreaded …. Whitepapers)!

Here you will find everything from surprisingly helpful documentation, videos and the iPhone OS SDK (this includes once downloaded xcode, xcode is your new visual studio). You will need to create a developer account, no problem it just attaches on to your existing itunes account. Brilliant!

On this page click on the "Getting Started Videos". It will open up itunes allowing you to download some great videos to iTunes U. My next steps which were very helpful were to watching the following videos:

  • Introduction to the iPhone SDK
  • Key practices for iPhone Application Development
  • Fundamentals of Cocoa Session from WWDC

That last video I suggest watching very slowly, rewinding as much as you need to letting it all sink in. It was this video where things began making sense.

That’s it for the first post. Next will likely be jumping in to Views and kicking off a traditional "Hello World".

DotNetNuke Email Marketing Module

Bulk Emailer – Advanced DNN EmailFree DNN Modules

Bulk Emailer is the most advanced fully featured email manager module for DotNetNuke.

Use Bulk Emailer to deliver rich personalised and dynamic content to DNN users, custom lists, and integrated CRM contacts.

Automatically track who clicks on a link in your campaign, and send them a follow up email about the product or service.

Run a regular newsletter and provide an opt-in option to new customers who will then receive past campaigns at a defined acceptable rate.

Allow recipients to auto unsubscribe to your lists automatically, meeting international SPAM laws on e-mail.

Automatically monitor how successful a campaign is, and many more advanced features all explained in a 90 page colour manual.

DNN Module Version History

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Rock Solid Reliability

Our entire engine is SQL database driven. Host processes, server services, and even server reboots will not interrupt the send process. The DNN scheduler process will pickup where it left off when interrupted.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Easy Unsubscribe

Many Laws around the world are specific about the management of the Opt-Out process. Automatic tokes, and single click confirmed Opt-out will ensure that you keep users happy while meeting your legal requirements.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Simple Control Panel

As with all our products, we work hard to keep our interface simple. With this application we use the traditional stacked control panel.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Unsubscribe Override

In some situations we know that communication to everyone on your lists is vital, so we have included the ability to override the unsubscribed people to contact them in an emergency.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Send .doc or MHTML Messages

You can send a Microsoft .doc, .docx, MHTML, or MHT file directly from the campaign manager. These file types will where necessary automatically be converted to a single file web page and sent. This is the same method as Office Mail Merge.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

MS CRM Unsubscribe Linking

Out module is part of our MS CRM integrated Portal solutions. This includes two way linking of the Unsubscribe data. While only valid for people using this integration package, it is native to this module.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Design in MS Word

Because of our support of .doc and .docx file, you can design and create email messages using the MS Word application. Utilizing the templates online, and dropping graphics and pictures into word that do NOT require to be linked to a web based image. Very Powerful

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Dynamic Email Content

We have included the ability to generate true dynamic content into your email messages. Link directly to RSS content either from other modules on your site or external RSS feeds. The data will be dynamically updated into your email content at scheduled send time.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Included Images

Single File Web Page messages created in Word, will automatically include in it’s send package the images used in the email. This ensures that even offline, your email messages will have rich visual content. It also ensures a consistency in visual presentation at the user end across a wide range of email applications.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Personalised Email Content

We have a rich profile token system that allows you to use any profile item data, including custom profile data to generate unique specific data to individuals. "Dear John, we have your primary phone number as…."

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

SQL Integration

Without SQL integration, you can use SQL code to reference data stored in any SQL database. This allows code happy developers to use our module to reference other SQL data stores, including non DNN based data.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

DNN Token Content

We have also tapped into all the defined DNN tokens. So any DNN token can be used to create dynamic content within your email messages.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Mailing Lists

You can manage your own custom mailing lists. Adding via CSS or Excel data a range of profile and email data.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Batched Processing

The send method will batch process on scheduler system. Allowing throttling and control over the send process.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

List Cleanup

You can search, delete, add and manage your lists directly form the module interface.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module


We have a metrics of reported data on each campaign. This is a powerful way to see how successful the campaign was. The matrix also includes the progress of the send process of various campaigns.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Attach Files

You can attach any type of type for sending in the email messages. The file type can be attached and in a scheduled process, and the contents of the packaged updated at a later stage.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Completed Run History

Diving within the matrix of data will allow you to see the send progress or success / failure for any particular email address. You can check if an email was generated in a campaign for a specific individual address using our lookup tools.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Select Via Security Roles

DNN Security Roles can be used to select specific user groups to send to in a campaign. Use none, one or all your different security role groups at one time.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Bounce back Protection

We have the built in ability to monitor or monitor and manage a pop3 email address. Our application will look specifically for bounced email messages (distinguishing between normal email, out of office email etc) and add the bounced email messages to a bounce list with count. You can then specify that when a certain count is reached, these email addresses should be dropped from future campaigns.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Select Custom Lists

Select from your custom created lists either separately or in conjunction with the DNN Security roles to generate a combination of lists to send to.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Bounce Management

You can manage the bounce list from within the module, adding editing the bounce count or removing addresses from the bounce list.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Exclude Via Security Roles

You can select from your DNN security roles the roles you wish to exclude from a send. For example, you could select to add all Registered User, but select to exclude all Staff Security Role

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module


You can deliver immediately or schedule a campaign for delivery later. You manage the kickoff time and the scheduler will run when necessary and start the send process.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Exclude Via Custom Lists

You can also exclude people biased on your custom lists. For Example you may have a list of people interested in hearing about Weekly Specials, but you don’t want them to hear about your Monthly Specials. Exclude the custom list and know that they will be excluded from that send.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

RSS Fed Content

You can create, manage and token feed RSS content into the body of your email campaigns. Allowing you to feed dynamic content to your email recipients.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Email Application Integration

You can use a powerful email application integration to reach into your applications like Outlook or Windows Mail and pull contacts and their email data directly to this module. This allows you to send an email via the web to all your Email Application contacts.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Linked Survey Support

You can drive users with tokens to custom surveys, providing them with the profile data they need to complete the survey as a registered user.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Duplication Removal

This we Love. After all the various sources of email addresses are pooled together into the module for sending, Duplications are removed and people will only get a single message, even if they appear on different lists or imported contact data. How Cool is that!

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Integrated Microsoft CRM Support

We have a suite called Interactive CRM Portal that extends Microsoft CRM Dynamics Live service. This module is an integrated part of that suite that is two way synced with CRM marketing lists and the "Do Not Bulk Email" unsubscribe.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Track Emails Read

Naturally we track a range or matrix data, including who opened your email messages, how long they opened it for, the number of messages sent, bounced, excluded, new opt outs, and links clicked.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Set Default From Email Address

We have settings that include setting the reply to email address. So that monitored email addresses with the bounce monitoring system can correctly access the bounced email messages. Default options make it easier for staff and others to get these setting correct.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Auto Link Thumbnail Creation

All the links or URL’s in an email message will be automatically generated into a thumbnail of that page. This helps you understand the link tracking data by way of automatic visual presentation.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Scheduled Send Time

Campaigns can be set to run at times and dates. Allows you to be out of the office when a campaign is

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Track Links Clicked

Any Links in your email message are automatically tracked. No need to put tracking tokens etc into your message. We do it automatically. You can see who, when, browser, and ip, who clicked the various links.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Automatic Campaign Catch-up

Allow members subscribing a list or role to catch up on past email campaigns automatically, with the past time (e.g. 6 months of news letters) and frequency (2 per week) able to be set.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Create Nested Campaigns

You can use the link tracking data to generate a nested campaign. Send a follow up message to all the people who were interested enough in a link from the first message that they clicked it. A truly powerful sales tool indeed.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

SMTP Flexibility

You can accept default DNN SMTP settings, or set a number of your own SMTP servers, and specify the how the servers should work (sharing the load or in a backup mode)

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Opt-In Registration

Included in the module package is a separate Opt-In module. This allows you to create custom lists and link them to the Opt-In module. Allowing your users to select and manage the lists they are opted into.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

SMTP Set Limits

You can specify that for each campaign only a certain number of messages should be sent via a specific SMTP server, allowing you to use servers with daily limits like Gmail servers.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Multiple Opt-In

Users can Opt-In to non, one or many lists. Remembering that duplication removal is automatic at send time, you can punch out an email to all lists, and people subscribed to multiple will receive a single email.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

SMTP Specific Domains

You can specify that a particular SMTP server should handle specific email domains e.g. Gmail servers handle all mail traffic to email ending in

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Opt-In Auto Notification

The Opt-In module can auto reply to the Opt-In process to ensure that users are confident about their opt in process.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

SMTP Failover

You can have a primary SMTP mail server, and specify one or a number of backup servers. This way if one fails, the send process will move on to the next to try sending.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Opt-In Account Creation

We have even made it possible to automatically create a DNN account for people who Opt-In to a list. This is a powerful way of drawing people to express interest in products or services, but capturing a relationship with them into your DNN site without requiring them to re-enter all their details.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module

Free Updates

We have a policy that currently allows unlimited free updates. Read the policy here:




DNN SQL Database

SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express

DNN Module DNN Versions

DNN 4.5.5 and Above, including DNN 5+

Download DNN Module Download Package

PA Install Files for supported DNN Versions

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module Version History


DNN Source Code Source Code

Source code is not available for the module.

DotNetNuke Bulk Email Module Updates

Free Unlimited Updates in accordance with our update policy Here

DotNetNuke Video Library – Silverlight 4 Released

DotNetNuke (DNN) Silverlight Video Library 4.0DotNetNuke Modules

This custom module from InteractiveWebs is the most advanced Video module for DNN. Taking advantage of Silverlight 3.0 and offering advanced Silverlight features and rich end user experience.

The speed and experience with the client side application is second to none as a video player. Full screen, chapter browsing, and streaming download experience is remarkable.

This is the first DotNetNuke module to offer this advanced Silverlight functionality and is a taste of things to come in Custom DotNetNuke Module Development form InteractiveWebs.

DotNetNuke Reliable Modules

Rock Solid Reliability

Built on top of years of DNN Custom Module development experience. This module uses the proven DNN Silverlight Video Module and adds many new Silverlight UI features.

Easy DNN Modules

Easy to Use

Using the power of Silverlight 3.0 we have designed a user interface that is smooth and intuitive to end users. You can pass this module to your most inexperienced DNN clients and they will enjoy using it.


Simple Control Panel

As with all our products, we work hard to keep our interface simple. With this application we use the traditional stacked control panel.

DotNetNuke Large Files

Large File Up-loader

This DotNetNuke module includes a Large File Up-loader that will stream video files directly to your DNN portal file store.

DotNetNuke Images

Advanced Image Selector

Image selection for the icon preview of the video is made through the file system of an automated video grab system, that can capture a frame of the video to use as the preview.

DotNetNuke Google

Title and Description

The videos have title and description meta data added to the page that is stored in a Silverlight SEO friendly format.

DotNetNuke Size

Size Adjustment

Fit the module to the space on your page with "Look and Feel" Height and Width controls. This makes the custom module fit custom DNN web pages with ease.

DotNetNuke Themes


Built in Silverlight Themes for the Module interface make the end user experience a delight for your website users. The module ships with three themes.

DotNetNuke Logo

Customize the Logo

The Module ships with the Interactive Webs Logo (naturally enough) however this can easily be replaced with your own logo by changing an image URL in the language settings of DotNetNuke. Making the module appear to be your own. How Cool!

DotNetNuke Help

Custom Help Link

The Module ships with a link help icon in the Silverlight interface. The URL of this icon can be edited to your own site. Making it possible for the module to appear to be completely your companies work.

DotNetNuke Install

Auto Install Prompting

Although Microsoft has had Silverlight as an auto update in Windows for over a year. We sometimes find people that don’t have Silverlight installed. This module will prompt them for installation of necessary components automatically.

DotNetNuke Mac

Works on a Mac!

All the included Silverlight features work well on a Mac as well as multiple browsers in Windows. This includes the Out of Browser Experience

DotNetNuke Advanced Streaming

Advanced Streaming

This DNN module will stream .wmv files faster than any other technology. You can take a large file and snap to any location in the file without needing to download the entire video. Very fast very neat.

DotNetNuke Video

Chapter Sequencing

Insert multiple chapter markers into the module to allow your end users to snap to a location in the video. This takes advantage of the Advanced Streaming system.

DotNetNuke Video Control

Video Controls

Volume up, down, play, stop, volume control and full screen control are all included as you would expect in any Video Player for DotNetNuke.

DotNetNuke Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Ordering

You can change the order of your videos by dragging and dropping them into a new order. After playing with this feature you will begin to understand how useful Silverlight is to the DotNetNuke experience.

DotNetNuke Time Display

Video Time Display

An on screen clock shows the total time and time of the currently displayed farm. This makes it useful for creating Chapter Sequencing.

DotNetNuke Mute Control

Mute Control

Single Click Mute control to cancel the video sound.

DotNetNuke Secure Module

Secure Module

The module security roles and security of play features work with the out of browser experience. So if you require users to be in a security role to play, then dropping out of that role will cancel this ability.

DotNetNuke Easy Steps

Easy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

A simple guided 1-5 step process for adding videos to the module, with built in preview window, makes adding and editing videos a breeze.

Screen Captures:

DotNetNuke Silverlight Video
Player interface is easy to use

DotNetNuke Video Selection
Video management is clean and simple

DotNetNuke Video Control
Uploading a new Video

DotNetNuke Video Chapters
Adding Chapters

DotNetNuke Size Control
Look and Feel

DotNetNuke User Ratings
Ratings Control





SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express

DNN Versions

DNN 4.5.5 and Above, including DNN 5+

Download Package

PA Install Files for supported DNN Versions

Version History


Source Code

Source code is not available for the module.


Free Unlimited Updates in accordance with our update policy Here


HSV GTO & GTS Coupe (December 2001)

GTS Rim HSV believes the GTO and GTS Coupe, based on the Holden Monaro coupe, will turn the high performance luxury market on its head

The Coupes, officially unveiled at HSV’s state of the art new headquarters in Clayton, VIC, will sell for $73,750 and $94,750 respectively. And HSV managing director John Crennan believes it’s the high-end Europeans that should be worried.

"I believe that, if the HSV Coupe was released as is but with BMW badges, the price would be $150,000-plus." He sites BMW’s M3 coupe and M5 sedan, as well as high performance metal from Mercedes-Benz, as potential victims at the altar of HSV’s first ever two-door.

Bold stuff, indeed.

Whether mentioning the HSV Coupe range in the same breath as established supercars from Germany is a clever marketing association, or an honest appraisal of the Coupe’s ability remains to be seen. HSV plans to begin production of the GTO Coupe in January, and the GTS in February, with deliveries starting soon after.

The HSV Coupe bodykit was the work of TWR designer Neil Simpson, long time apprentice to Iam Callum, the man credited with developing HSV’s aggressively elegant VT bodykits. Simpson’s other works include the VU Maloo ute, and the incredible 6.2 litre HRT concept Maloo seen at the 2001 Sydney show.

Simpson believes the Coupe embodies "restrained aggression", developing the beautifully simplistic design of Holden’s Mike Simcoe into a typical HSV head-turner. The front air-dam, side skirts and rear spoiler are all designed to make a statement – der! – and to give the Coupe a ground huggingstance. The overhanging rear spoiler was deliberately kept low to the boot to give the perception of speed even at rest.

There’s every reason to expect the HSV Coupe’s dynamics to live up to the styling promise. Restrained aggression indeed. This is one seriously potent package, from the highly tuned engine and suspension to the to-die for bodykit. Add HSV’s 15 years of expertise, the tie in to HRT and its pool of Australia’s best V8 drivers, and you begin to understand why HSV products are the most lusted after cars in Australia.

But first, the range: HSV will sell two Coupes, badged the HSV GTO Coupe, and the HSV GTS Coupe.

The GTO Coupe is powered by a 5.7 litre LS1 alloy V8 engine tuned for 255kiloWatts, and mated to a four speed automatic or six speed manual transmission. Suspension is Monaro in geometry, which means MacPherson struts, coil springs and stabiliser bar up front, Control Link IRS in the rear, and fettled by HSV and reigning V8 supercar champion Mark Skaife to produce what Skaifey reckons is the "best handling HSV ever".

HSV was able to capitalise on the Monaro’s increased tortional rigidity and reduced rear weight bias to ‘soften off’ the rear suspension without sacrificing the Coupe’s neutral handling characteristic. In turn a quicker steering rack was fitted to speed up steering response and reduce turns lock-to-lock.

High performance 18in tyres dress stylish five spoke alloy wheels, specifically designed to evoke memories of those originally worn by the HK Monaro 327. Other historical touches include badge styling and those trademark slots – or gills – in the side skirts.

The interior of the HSV Coupe is not a place for shy, retiring types. Bright, bold trim colours include Red, Yellow and Tan and are co-ordinated to the exterior colour. Seat backs are finished in high contrast colours with two new textures, one to replicate a race suit, the other a medievil chainmail suit. Yes, you read right.

An 8-speaker, 10-stack CD player is standard in the GTO, as well as climate control air-conditioning, electrically adjustable drivers’ seat with 3 memory settings – in fact, electric everything – and remote central locking with rolling code engine immobiliser.

The GTS Coupe, the flagship of the HSV Coupe range, is truly a beast of a car. The 5.7 litre V8 engine gets all sorts of Callaway sourced goodies to raise power to a dizzying 300kiloWatts, mated only to the Quick Shift six speed manual gearbox. HSV reckons the GTS will accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 5.5 seconds, and cover the quarter mile in a blistering 13.3 seconds.

Befitting a car of such stratospheric performance, the GTS gets one of the biggest tyre and brake packages ever seen on an Australian made car. Massive 19in 5-spoke alloy wheels shod with high performance Pirelli P-Zero tyres have the unenviable task of handling the GTS’s prodigious power. And the brakes are equally huge: 373mm cross drilled, grooved discs with six-piston calipers are fitted up front, and 343mm cross drilled, groozed discs with 4-piston calipers are fitted in the rear.

The suspension also gets a boost, biased further towards performance and handling at the expense of a softer, more luxurious ride.

The GTS is externally distinguished from the GTO by the contrasting colour accents on the front and rear bumpers and side skirts. A low-key roof spoiler sits atop the rear windscreen, and Bosch parking proximity sensors are fitted to the rear bumper.

The GTS gets its own unique instrument cluster surround, along with a shift light and buzzer, alloy-like steering wheel and stainless steel pedals.

iPhone 4 Comes in two colors white or black $199 for 16 GB, 299 for 32 GB

Thanks to for a rocking cast of WWDC 2010

"Pricing — there’s two colors. White and black. Pricing — $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB."

On sale 24th July 2010

"So what’s our lineup look like? 3GS is now $99. These go on sale June 24th."

"Pre-orders start a week from tomorrow. And we’re shipping in 5 countries. In July we’re shipping in 18 more."