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Activity Emailer Help Page

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Installing the Module

Installing the AnnounceIT module uses the same process as any DNN mdule.
  1. Login to your portal with Host level access.
  2. Under the HOST menu, select "Module Definitions"
  3. Under the MODULE DEFINITIONS Menu, select "Upload New Module"
  4. Browse to the PA Install Files (ActivityEmailer 43.01.05 PA for example) and select the ZIP File.
  5. Select "Upload New File"
  6. Check the entire upload process to ensure that there are no errors.
  7. Click on the "Return" link and ensure that the module is listed under AnnounceIT

Module Settings

This module is relatively simple to configure.
1. Login to your DNN Site as an administrator of the module or host.
2. Go to a page on your website and Add the "ActivityEmailer" to the page.
3. Hover on the ActivityEmailer menu and select Configure Module
4. Select Module Email Settings
5. Edit the module email settings as desired
The settings here are obvious, and the hover icons for help are all correctly configured to actually provide information that is helpful.
The distinction between the Host Configuration (sends email only to the host and reports on all sites) and (note that you will not see the Host Configuration unless you are logged in as a host.
Configuration for Activity Emailer (sends reports only for the site /portal that the module is running in when configured)
Configuring Automated Host Schedule
1. Log onto your website as Host
2. Under the host menu, select Schedule
3. Under the dropdown menu select Add Item to Schedule
4. In the full calss name and assembly field type:    iwebs.Modules.ActivityEmailer.EmailSchedule, App_SubCode_ActivityEmailer   (note this must be exact)
5. Ensure the other fields are configured as below.
7. Update when done

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