Activity Emailer

Email reporting of membership records on DNN...

This module sends an email report of the changes made to membership records of a DNN Site.

As users update their profile data, or new member records are created, the Activity Emailer will keep you totally informed with regular automated reports of what is happening with your membership database.

This allows manual synchronization of databases using the report data.

To understand the best use for this module, it is necessary to understand the type of situation it was designed for.

Any business that has a membership database, for example a gym, club or association, church etc. Who currently have an in office database of membership details, and want to run a website that allows members to update their details online, will need a way to have the databases linked from the website back to the membership database in the office.

In many cases we develop custom modules that feed and sync data to a “back end database” to meet specific needs.

However sometimes clients simply cannot afford the expense of a customized application that links membership databases. This module is the cost effective solution. This module sends a simple email to a configured email address with a list of the changes that members who have made after logging into the website.

This email can then manually be entered into the “back end database” by staff in the office.

Being that most people don't change their personal details that often, the solution becomes very cost effective and viable with database memberships less than around 20-30,000 users.

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Specification Description
Database SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express
DNN Versions DNN 4.5.5+, DNN 5.01.00 + , DNN 06.00.00 +
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