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7/18/2011 11:45 PM

I am looking at formatting the RSS feed that I have incoming to mt site.

The feed is coming from http://sama82falklands.wordpress.com

The date and time is in the field ${item.pubdate} but appears as "6/30/2011 8:32:41 AM"

Is there a way to format this so I just get "30 JUNE"

The code handling the display of the feed consists mainly of the following:

 <div class="wsc_posts_list">
  #foreach($item in $items)
    <div style="text-align: justify;" class="wsc_post_item">
    <div class="wsc_pi_post_header">        
        <h3 class="wsc_title">
        <a style="text-decoration: none;" onclick="window.open(this.href, 'SAMA82NewsEvents', 'resizable=yes,status=no,location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,fullscreen=no,scrollbars=yes,dependent=no'); return false;" href="$%7Bitem.link%7D">${item.title}</a>
        <div class="clear"></div>
        <p id="main_rss_$velocityCount"></p>
            <a class="button wsc_pi_button wsc_readmore" href="$%7Bitem.link%7D" rel="#inline_rss_$velocityCount"><span><strong>read more..</strong></span></a></p>
    <div class="wsc_clear"></div>


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7/20/2011 5:49 PM
The easy way to manipulate a feed is to use Yahoo Pipes. http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/

This will allow you to do this and almost anything you like off a feed. There is much assistance online about how to program pipes.
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