A Purchase at SnowCovered has not generated an iWebs Module License
A purchase at SnowCovered has not generated a license on our license server. As a result you are unable to activate your module.

SnowCoverd sales are a little particular. The sale does not complete until the download package has been download from the SnowCovered website.

In the case of InteractiveWebs modules sold on Snowcovered. The download package is only a .zip file containing instructions, and if you are a returning customer you may feel that you know this and have decided not to bother downloading the .zip package.

Unfortunately the sale is not complete until you do, and your license is not generated until the sale is complete. (The license is automatically generated at our end when the SnowCovered store advises of the sale.)

The solution in these circumstances is to ensure you download the module package form the SnowCovered site.
Additional Comments

After download you can verify your license on the InteractiveWebs license server. Ensure you login with your purchase email address.