Dev Domains Recommendations for DotNetNuke Module Development and Licensing
What is the best way to conduct website development with InteractiveWebs modules?

We recommend that if you need to configure and test (development site) before going live, that you do that on a development sub domain (like, IN TRIAL MODE.

From that, Setup the module, test and be sure things are working. Don’t be concerned if you get things just right, and the trial time expires. Because as soon as you access the module page on a new sub domain, it will go back into trial, and be available fro activation.

All your module settings and customizations will carry over to the new sub domain when you access it. So in this example, if you are ready to go live with you can access the module page with that sub domain, and extend the trial, or activate the module.

For this reason we always suggest that you only activate your module on as your final public URL of your website.

If you need to consistently develop in a staging area for one or multiple sites, you will need an additional license for that development domain.

More details about the licensing system can be found here:

Additional Comments

Managing Licenses

You can monitor your licenses and activations by visiting our License Management page here.

Ensuring that you login to our site using the e-mail address that the license was purchased with.

You can move licenses here from one sub domain to another, provided that you have not attempted and failed activation on the new sub domain. In this case you will need to contact us for support on moving licenses.