When setting up Advanced Login module on DNN 5 you get: A critical error has occurred

When configuring the Advanced Login Module on a DNN 5+ website, and setting the page as the Login Page in the Admin settings of the site you receive the error:

You have been redirected to this default Login Page because the Login Page set for this website does not contain a valid DotNetNuke Account Login module, or the permissions have not been set correctly.


The cause of this is a safety feature of the DotNetNuke 5 system. It trys to ensure that you do not accidentally define a page as the login page of your site that does not have a login module on the page. This is to prevent you from being locked out of your own site.

It does cause a hickup with third party login modules for DotNetNuke like the Iwebs - Advanced Login Module.

The solution is easy.

1. Ensure you have DNN 05.01.01 or later. (upgrade if necessary)

2. Add to the page the DNN Login Module,  and set the visability to Admin only.

Additional Comments

This is a known issue with DNN 05.01.00 and is discussed here: http://support.dotnetnuke.com/issue/ViewIssue.aspx?ID=10367&PROJID=2