Conveting MS Word .doc or .docx to Adobe PDF leave the hyperlinks not working
When you covert a MS word document to Adobe PDF you find that the end result has hyperliks that do not function.

There are two ways to convert .DOC files to PDF: You can either print to the 'Adobe PDF' printer, or you can use the PDFMaker macro (the PDF button on Word's toolbar). When you use the print route, everything is converted to PostScript by the printer driver. A printer does of course not know anything about links, so the links are lost. When you use the PDFMaker, you will also use the PostScript driver in the first step, but in a second step the so created PostScript is 'enhanced' by so called pdfmark commands that can represent links in a PostScript file. Distiller will convert these commands then in the last step to links in the PDF file.

So, depending on which way you chose to convert your file to PDF, you either end up with the links or not.

The right-click>'Convert to PDF' on the actual file in Explorer will also create links if you configured it to do so: In Acrobat select Edit>Preferences>Convert to PDF. Then select 'MS Office' and hit the settings button. There is a checkbox for links on the dialog that comes up.

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