Announce It - DNN Announcement Module

Manage the flow of information on dynamic websites...

AnnounceIT is a DotNetNuke (DNN) announcement module that is designed to manage the flow of information on dynamic web sites that have the need to publish information regularly. The module allows you to make posts of information (Announcements) into different categories. Then display a series of customized views of this information in chronological order, or category view.

The module is easy to install, easy to administrate, and even easier to use. This allows information to be displayed with a professional appearance without having HTML or advanced DNN skills.

Design Idea for this modules lends its self to displaying a range of information form news to event and general announcements, the inspiration to this module was to replicate and enhance the functionality of one our most visited information portals. Bink is a site we have been reading regularly for many years. It is the most reliable Microsoft Product News portal on the Internet. Visit them at to see the site that inspired this module. (Thanks too to Bink for all his work over the years!)

The creation of information posts is easy, andthe management of that information can be set by date, archive date, deletion date, files attached and the category it finds it's self.

We have found that our clients include Club, and Associations, Schools all the way through to small business. Anyone who want to keep an easily managed dynamic web site.

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Specification Description
Database SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express
DNN Versions DNN 4.5.0+, DNN 5x, DNN 06x and DNN 7x +
Download Package PA Install Files for supported DNN Versions
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Source Code Source code is not available for the module.
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